A Visit to Integra

Integra Naturopathics Calgary
At the core of our philosophy is a desire to restore your body’s ability to heal. Food forms the foundation of our approach. Through the use of supplements (vitamins, botanicals , homeopathics) we further facilitate healing on a deep, cellular level. We understand it’s often intimidating to start treatment, so not to worry – we work with you to ensure your personalized health plan is both achievable and sustainable.

We value your time. To ensure you are not rushed, print off an intake form (adult or child – 12 and under) prior to coming in for your first appointment.

The initial visit will take 60 minutes.

Utmost attention will be given to your unique health concerns; a detailed history will be taken, and results from possible in-office tests will be discussed, to get a complete overview of your wellness.

  • Initial visits cost $205. Supplements are extra and range from $75 – $200 on average.
  • Follow up appointments average 30 minutes in length and cost $94.
  • Regular acupuncture appointments average 30 minutes in length and cost $89.

GST will be added to the cost of supplements.

Naturopathic visits and assessments are covered under most private extended health care plans; it is not covered under Alberta Health care at this time. Many health spending accounts now cover supplement costs as well.