Healing Philosophy

Integra Naturopathics is an innovative health concept, offering a distinctive approach to primary health care. Our unique wellness centre is based on naturopathy, a system of health care that will change the way you think about your health.  At Integra, our mission is to be a trusted voice in all things good for you, guiding you along your path to peak health, in a way that is accessible for everyone.

Your health depends on what you eat. It’s that simple.

Foods have the power to heal and nourish the body, or compromise its function.
Get ready – we will chat food! We love cooking food, shopping for food and eating food! We love Real food. Traditional food. We don’t advocate modern, hypothetical nutritional fads. We teach principles based on the studies of traditional peoples, and the diets that provided them with vibrant health.

Your health takes work.   And it’s worth it.

Our focus goes beyond your immediate health concerns to ensure that as your life evolves and changes, you are equipped to live your life to the fullest.  Lifelong, preventative health care is a defining feature of our clinic.

Get ready!  Get ready to make your health a priority – ready to do some reading, ready to make some changes. Get ready to move beyond symptoms to treat the cause of your health concerns, so that you can experience optimal health today and tomorrow, for all seasons of your life.