Really, your doctor doesn’t understand your menstrual chart?

by Integra Naturopathics on January 1, 2012

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Really, your doctor doesn’t understand your menstrual chart?

The menstrual cycle remains one of the purest barometers of health – it is an unbelievable diagnostic tool. We use it to help decipher immune challenges, nutritional deficiencies or the reasons underlying the suffering of peculiar, chronic symptoms. We can’t even IMAGINE caring for a woman’s health without chatting, in great detail, about her cycle.

Quite simply, as the earth becomes inundated with chemical toxins, ovaries become storehouses for the wasteful by-products of negligent industrialization. Our body – so wise – attempts communication through various “symptoms” such as heavy bleeding, anovulatory cycles, painful periods and breast tenderness. In the same way, modern nutritional fads have literally destroyed the foundation of hormonal health. Low fat, nutrient void, synthetic based diets manifest themselves in numerous menstrual irregularities, such as scant cervical mucus and recurrent miscarriage. If more doctors attended to the health significance of the menstrual cycle, mysterious conditions might not be such a mystery at all!

Do you know that:

  • Long periods may be a sign of a low functioning thyroid
  • Low basal body temperatures are quite common in iron deficiency
  • A gut flora imbalance may cause anovulation
  • Scant cervical mucus is typically a sign of vitamin A deficiency, common in vegetarians
  • A diet rich in Omega 6’s will initiate inflammation that aggravates menstrual cramps

Instead of listening, and digging deep for the reasons behind the symptoms, too often women and their doctors have turned to powerful, synthetic hormonal drugs aimed at silencing the very symptoms our bodies use to communicate with us.

Learning to chart the menstrual cycle’s vital signs provides the most empowering opportunity to reacquaint women with their bodies. Your health practitioner is missing out if they don’t use this outstanding window into the functioning of your endocrine system, and frankly – so are you. It’s that important. It really is.

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