Can’t tolerate your seasonal allergies? For every action there is a reaction!

by Integra Naturopathics on April 1, 2012

Can't tolerate your seasonal allergies? For every action there is a reaction!Sniffle. Sneeze. Scratch. Sound familiar? Do you love Spring, but dread it as well? Hay fever is the way your body signals a significant deficiency in healthy gut bacteria. The ability of your body to tolerate pollen and other triggers depends on whether you house healthy, immune-modulating flora. A damaged flora reduces your ability to tolerate environmental triggers. When pathogenic organisms thrive, so does inflammation. Allergies reflect a loss in immune function, causing the body to over-react to triggers such as grasses, molds and pollens. It’s common for seasonal allergies to worsen from year to year – mirroring the worsening condition of your gut health.

What damages the gut flora?

– Pharmaceutical drugs, including the birth control pill.
– Sugar, white flour and refined carbohydrates
– Toxic fat – margarine and canola oil
– Antibiotics
– C-section births
– Vaccines
– Baby Formula

For every action there is a reaction….for some of us, in the form of annoying seasonal allergies!

It is possible to enjoy the Spring. Rather than popping anti-histamines and worrying about the pollen count, we have the ability to restore our beneficial gut flora and live allergy free! Here are a couple of ways:

1. Eliminate refined sugars and improperly prepared grains
2. Breast feed when possible, for as long as possible
3. Eat real foods, including probiotic-rich fermented foods
4. Take high quality probiotic supplements
5. Incorporate bone broth into your diet, frequently!

It all begins in the gut. Experience the benefits of healing from the inside, out!

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