I won’t give up if you won’t.

by Integra Naturopathics on July 1, 2012

chronic hives

GUEST BLOG! We are so excited to introduce Kerri Kenny, from Off the Grain. Kerri is guest blogging this month in a brave and revealing post about her experience with chronic hives.  If you are thirsty for inspiration, read on!

Many of us suffering with chronic conditions live day to day hoping that tomorrow will bring relief. Tasting the sweetness of symptom free living makes the return to pain unthinkable. So, I want to share with you my story, of having been symptom free for over a year – only to wake up one warm morning in June with a blast from the past. It’s not pretty. It’s not fun. But it’s real. And I’m not giving up.

I am an allergy sufferer, and I have been my entire life. As a child I was plagued with chronic ear infections and migraines. As an adult I developed a condition called urticaria, or “chronic hives”. For the last 9 years I have battled my issues. I have tried everything you can think of: antihistamines, cortisone shots, antihistamine/antidepressant combos, prednisone. Nothing worked. I tried every home remedy in the book – cool lotions, cold baths, oatmeal baths, apple cider vinegar – nothing worked. Sometimes the hives would disappear on their own, then as discreetly as they left, they would return.

A year ago I decided to embrace grain and sugar free living. Nothing provided such profound results as this did. I even started my blog, Off The Grain, to help others like me. Wow – I thought I was in the clear! My energy level skyrocketed, migraines disappeared, hypoglycemia – gone. Hives, see ya later! It was a year of renewal and rejuvenation – so you can imagine the shock when the hives returned in June. I don’t remember reading anywhere about this in the grain-free living contract…

Ah, yes, I know “two steps forward” – but it feels more like a giant leap back because after finally tasting the good life, the return of my hives was so painful to face. My first reaction was to grab for antihistamines – hoping this time for a different result? Not a chance. Not only did they do NOTHING for my symptoms, but they robbed me of my new found energy.

So now – I’m peeling off another layer of the onion – on my quest to discover lasting vitality.
It is time to heal my body, starting at the core: the gut; where allergies, inflammation and numerous other health issues stem from. I have transitioned from a grain free diet to a GAPS diet. While they are very similar diets, GAPS doesn’t just focus on what to exclude from our diet, but rather what to include: healthy bone broth and fermented foods to heal the gut. I am one week into the GAPS diet, and I’ll admit, the first week was awful. My symptoms worsened. I cried. It was brutal. But today, they have improved! I see a light at the end of the tunnel, and I know I am healing my body. I understand now that the hives are a sign of my body telling me something, or rather screaming something at me. Like an infant, calm and quiet if health and happy, my skin is the same. If angered, it lets me know in no uncertain terms.

Many times when we think of allergies we think food, but there are so many other things that cause allergy sufferers pain. So my only option is to keep moving forward. Dr. Arnel Beaubrun, of Integra Naturopathics, is my GAPS practitioner, aiding me in the transition to GAPS.

So I cross my fingers…drink my bone broth…and pledge to do everything I can to finish this puzzle. I won’t give up if you won’t.


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