Integra Outreach

Healing comes in so many forms. At Integra, we have big hearts for those in need. Our desire is to nurture and promote healing by providing support to broken communities, knowing we can make a difference in the lives of others.

Integra Initiatives

Sponsored Children
– We love kids! It brings us joy to know that Chidelyn (Haiti), Hadra (Africa), Dumassais (Haiti) & Linssey (El Salvador) have better access to essentials like clean water, nutritious food and health care.

L’ecole St. Jude’s de Jolimeau (Haiti) – after the earthquake of ’10, we committed to financially supporting a vibrant country school, ran by Dr. Arnel’s aunt. What a wonderful opportunity for us to witness the power of community.

Local Charities – we actively support the Mustard Ministry, Inn from the Cold and CUPS, locally in Calgary. These projects provide life changing support to Calgarians.