Be Local

Get connected, locally. Your health. Our community.

At Integra, we aren’t shy about our love affair with local food. It’s better for your body, the planet and our local economy. Considering the fact that the average Canadian meal travels 2,400 km to get from field to plate – these “food miles” deplete food of nutrients, taste and are packed with pollution.

Local producers receive a significant portion of our food dollar if we choose to support farmers and artisan companies in our community. This money is circulated over and over again throughout our communities, strengthening our local economy in a big way.

We are proud to support the following local companies, all of whom share our passion for wellness, delicious food and a sustainable environment.

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Green Eggs & Ham

<coded_p>Farming vegetables to fowl. We believe in a sustainable approach to farming to maximize nutrient (as opposed to mass production which considers only that which can grow quickly, uniformly, be harvested quickly and store well with no concern for flavor and nutrition)
<coded_p>Mary Ellen Grueneberg
<coded_p>Address: RR2 | Leduc, AB | T9E 2X2
<coded_p>Phone: 780-986-8680

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The Lightcellar

<coded_p>A one-of-a-kind specialty boutique offering fairly traded and sustainably priced Authentic Raw Organic Super Foods and Herbs, which are selected based upon the criteria of: being Nutrient-dense; having Genetic Integrity; and having Traditional/heritage use.
<coded_p>Address: 6326 Bowness Road NW | Calgary, AB | T3B 0E5
<coded_p>Phone: 780-453-1343