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M.L, Calgary, ALberta


These pictures were graciously submitted to us by ML, a patient who experienced rapid healing after starting the GAPS diet. These pictures are six weeks apart. The visible inflammation reduced significantly after the elimination of grains and daily consumption of mineral rich, healing bone broth. Specific remedies were prescribed to help her body quickly eliminate cellular toxicity. Within one week her symptoms were 50% improved. Her numerous food sensitivities have been considerably lessened.

S.S, Calgary, Alberta

On GetRealLive Radio we have the honour of hosting incredible guests who influence our lives in extraordinary ways. One of those guests is Peter Walsh, who is known as the organization and de-cluttering guy. Peter is known for his work on the TLC show called ‘Clean Sweep’ and most recently with his work on the Oprah Show. Simply put, Peter knows how to create art out of chaos and truly help people who can’t seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel and are perhaps weighed down by the clutter in their lives.

During one of our conversations with Peter he asked a simple question which was, ‘You have to ask yourself, when are you living?’ This question has stuck with me for a long time. Obviously, Peter was asking it in reference to getting your home/affairs in order however, this question can really apply to any area of life.

I have decided to apply this question to my life when it comes to a new social movement we are introducing through GetRealLive. The movement is called ‘Change The Age‘ and it is designed to inspire people to take control of their lives through healthy living. Healthy living that extends to every area of our lives ~ body, mind and spirit.

So, as I ponder Peter’s question of, ‘When Are You Living?’ I have realised that when it comes to my health I am not living for today. I am not being the mother, wife, daughter or friend I want to be. Why am I not living for today? Well, there are many reasons but after some quiet time, self reflection and challenging conversations (mostly with my trainer, Alex Mohtadi) and what Oprah calls our ‘Aha’ moments I began to see when I was living.

Before I share when I was living I want to share about my ‘Aha’ moment because it only happened the other day and I’m still reeling (inside) about it. My excitement remains and I feel like the lights have been turned back on. How did it happen? I’m not really sure other than (as I said earlier) I have been doing a lot of thinking especially when it comes to the hurdles I face as I embrace the ‘Change The Age‘ movement.

Strangely, as someone who loves being active and staying active, the one area that I have struggled in the most is my physical fitness (hence some challenging conversations/texts with my trainer, Alex). Making changes to my diet and following the plan our Natropathic Doctor, Dr. Arnel Beaubrun, has laid out for me is easy and I’m really enjoying my ‘new’ way of eating. People have asked me, what I can’t eat and I let them know that it’s not about what I can’t eat, it’s about what I can eat and how I am eating to live and help my body operate at it’s best. Plus, the improved health I’m feeling, from the inside out, is motivation to keep going. Another aspect of our ‘Change The Age‘ movement is our Skin Scientist, Marie Bertrand, and again, following her advice for my largest organ (my skin) is easy. I’m seeing results and I’m loving what I see. So why has the physical side been so hard?

As a mother of three I totally understand that I have to put myself first and that I need to be healthy, however knowing and doing are two very different things. Actually putting yourself before your children and making space to build your own life is a big ask and I’ve found it to be very hard. That’s just one of the hurdles and challenges I’ve had to face but I digress ~ more on my hurdles at a later date (stay tuned for my updates…..)

Back to my ‘Aha’ moment. The other day I woke up with a renewed spirit, it was almost like I had major surgery done on my mind throughout the night. I woke and I felt clarity (I’m wondering if this has something to do with the changes to my diet because the ‘foggy mind’ was something that I mentioned to Dr. Arnel and he knew exactly what I was talking about) it was like I could see what was holding me back and Peter Walsh’s question of, ‘When Are You Living?’, was almost written on my wall. I realised (that morning) that I have been living in Grief. My father passed away suddenly on October 7th, 2009 and this October will be 3 years since his passing. I could see how I have carried on with life, however it was almost like something stopped inside of me the day he died. I saw it and I verbalised what I saw and I whilst sitting by myself, in my bedroom, I said, ‘that today was the day of change.’

I have been extremely honest and vulnerable in this article because that’s what GetRealLive is all about. Writing this is hard, I’m embarrassed that it’s taken me this long to see where I am but guess what… it is what it is!! I have walked through a very hard time in my life and I did what most mother’s do, I put everyone in front of myself and I made it through. I wonder if there are others who have done the same? Perhaps it isn’t a death but maybe something else has happened that has created a hurdle or block in your life. There are so many things that can happen in one lifetime but the important thing is that we see it and we move on simply by putting one foot in front of the other.

I am now weeks away from the 3rd Anniversary of my father’s death. He died on October 7th, 2009 and on October 10, 2012 we will host our ‘Change The Age‘ live event in Calgary. I am smiling, knowing that as I embrace this journey my Dad would want me to live for today rather than the past, he would want me to celebrate everyday, as he did, through his life. He would be the one cheering me on as I take my life back and choose to ‘Change The Age‘.

So my friends, with this honest article, I sign off today by saying good bye to Grief and hello to living for Today. I am choosing to ‘Change The Age‘ one healthy day at a time.

DV, Winnipeg, Manitoba

“When I first starting working with Dr. Arnel regarding digestive issues, I realized the first thing that needed to change was what I thought I knew about nutrition. As an inquisitive person, I asked every question I could think of and Dr. Arnel took the time to answer them all. Not only was I able to learn what to do, but also how and why it was better for me. Armed with this knowledge, I was equipped to make better decisions and my digestion improved dramatically. In addition, as a result of my overall digestive health improvements, I have more energy, sleep better, reached my weight goals and generally feel happier!”

MK, Winkler, Manitoba

“I started seeing Dr. Arnel almost two years ago and then we started the Integra Metabolic Weight Loss Program. My fiance and I were both trying to get healthy and lose weight before our wedding!! The program blew us away because it was not only tailored to us individually; but it required us to do things that we initially thought was counter productive to weight loss. I’ve never eaten so much in my life and never thought fats would help with weight loss! Plus it was all healthy food that I knew my body was going to accept. Months later, not only do I look good, I feel amazing! I can’t think of a better way to start married life than with great health and a healthy outlook!”

KT, Calgary, Alberta

“Both my two sons and myself have autoimmune issues (ASD and RA). Dr Arnel gave me a scientific explanation that helped me understand how he treats the root causes of the issue rather than the symptoms. Mostly he views his patients as a whole person and provided caring support, guidance and help all the while listening, as long and as often as you need. Between special ed interventions from a private school and other behavioural therapies I am proud to say that my son is now being integrated into a regular school despite his diagnosis of ASD. I highly recommend Integra Naturopathics. “

MN, Calgary, ALberta

“When I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and the seriousness of it, I was advised that I needed to take calcium as a supplement, it was unclear what type of calcium supplement was best for me and the situation (i.e. was it necessary for the calcium to have other vitamins and minerals added? Which product?). My medical doctor brushed me off on that question. A friend recommended I see a naturopath. I saw Dr. Arnel Beaubrun about 4 years ago. On my last bone density exam, the results were better than I ever imagined. My scores showed that my bone density increased and moved up the scale too only “at risk of getting osteoporosis.”

AM, Calgary, Alberta

“The help I have received through Dr. Arnel Beaubrun at Integra Naturopathics has truly changed my life. I had been to see other ND’s in the past for various issues, and while they were all very good and knowledgeable, the level of in-depth diagnosis and extensive treatment to heal my body at Integra was profound. It was through Integra that I was introduced to the real food diet, and the ability to heal my body through diet and hormonal regulation. For the first time in my life I feel in control my health. I feel great, have more energy than ever and as a positive result , look a lot better too! And the most amazing of all – for the first time in my life I love to cook, and eat the most amazing food I have ever eaten, and a lot of it too!! Dr. Arnel’s does a fabulous job of explaining the protocols he prescribes, each ailment that needs to be healed and how certain foods can heal the body and why. His understanding of how nutrition can heal the body is amazing. I feel that Dr. Arnel really listens and cares, and will answer any question you have, no matter how dumb it may seem. He really wants you to be in control of your health, independent from just taking medicine. I believe the doctors at Integra are two of the best ND’s out there. Don’t get me wrong, you will have to put the work in to achieve ultimate healing, but if you do as he says – your healing will be life long!”