Why you NEED to sweat!

by Integra Naturopathics on August 1, 2012

Hot Yoga Sweating

You know the feeling after a hot yoga class – the one that keeps us coming back for more – the delicious sense of accomplishment and calm mind.  What most people aren’t aware of are the unparalleled cellular health benefits of induced sweating.  Get ready to be completely blown away by how life-changing regular hot yoga is for your body!

In 2011, Dr. Stephen Genuis, MD completed a study, Blood, Sweat and Urine: An assessment of Induced Sweating for Management of Toxicity. The results were amazing – induced sweating is a highly effective means for elimination of several nasty chemical toxicants.

What’s the big deal? It’s huge. It’s kind of exciting, actually! Let’s consider for a moment that virtually all illness is a result of modifiable environmental factors, which influence our genetic susceptibility. We are the first generation to be exposed to widespread chemicals everywhere we turn: our furniture, cosmetics, the air we breathe and certainly the food we eat. Simply put, we live in an age of toxicity. Most synthetic agents have NO safety testing. Ubiquitous toxicity comes at a price – our health.  From infertility and cancer to depression and auto-immunity, research confirms the role of chemical toxicity in the development of these devastating conditions.

At Integra, our naturopathic foundation focus on nutrition in – toxicity out. It’s that simple. Optimal health depends on elimination.  Our core therapies aid the body in getting rid of metabolic waste that becomes a burden on the body, while optimizing what goes in via nutrient dense food choices.

The known issue with chemical toxins is that they are not easy to eliminate from the body! On the contrary, they are typically stored in cells – where they do their damage. Genius’ research confirms what traditional cultures have known to be true for generations – that sweating is good for us. Sweat lodges and Finnish cultural practices teach us that inherent wisdom should never be forgotten or overlooked.  Genius’ research is quite literally body-altering news!

Is it a surprise that people are flocking to hot yoga studios all over North America? Certainly funky yoga fashion has something to do with it, but it’s because hot yoga feels good – studios have become a refuge for our toxic cells. It feels good to cleanse. It feels natural to want to return to a place that heals the body from the inside out.

Genius and his researchers found that induced sweating allows the release of Bisphenol A (a devastating hormone disruptor), organochlorine pesticides (neuro toxins) and heavy metals, amongst numerous others.

It’s not as though we need evidence based science to convince us to get our sweat on at yoga, but it’s kind of cool when research confirms what we know to be true: hot yoga rocks! Off to Moksha I go…

The more you practice, the more you heal…

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