The Integra Difference



At Integra, our mission is to be a trusted voice in all things good for you, guiding you along your path to peak health, in a way that is accessible for everyone. 


Our vision is to guide people back to the basics – connecting with food, movement and joy.  


Relentless in our commitment to food medicine, we are Canada’s only GAPS certified naturopathic clinic. 


Our Story

by: Andrea Beaubrun, Co-Founder of Integra Naturopathics


You should never date your roommate they told me. But my roommate was crazy smart, witty and handsome. I let him borrow my homeopathy notes and he helped decode pathology and biochemistry - the rest was history.  After graduating from Naturopathic medical school we agreed that Calgary would be where we plant seeds in our garden of life.

Integra Naturopathics was birthed 15 years ago in the heart of the beltline – there was a thirst for holistic medicine in Calgary. YYC is full of inquisitive thinkers and creative folks who challenge conventional thought. Our fascination with food medicine exploded after stumbling upon the works of Dr. Weston Price early in our career. The incorporation of traditional foods into our treatment style literally transformed our practice – most obvious was a huge spike in fertility successes. As couples waved good-bye to the low fat movement and embraced delightfully stinky ferments, hormones harmonized. Our modalities worked better. This fueled a ravenous hunger for more knowledge. We needed to understand how food seemed to be the catalyst to heal on a deep level; Arnel Beaubrun took up studies with Dr. Campbell McBride, MD to become certified in the Gut and Psychology Syndrome nutritional program.  He is one of Canada’s few GAPS certified NDs. He regularly treats people Canada-wide for autoimmune conditions of all sorts and supports children with learning spectrum challenges. Food heals. It just does. All health conditions benefit from gut healing. 

Our love affair with food transcends its therapeutic value – it should be scrumptious! So, when Arnel and I moved our growing clinic to Ramsay in the fall of 2015 the vacant ice cream stand adjacent to us got our wheels turning … faster and faster. Always destined and determined to take the road less traveled (maybe because we are both Scorpios?) we decided to enter the food industry. Many people shook their noggins - wondering how health care practitioners could make a go of the food scene. Many more, gratefully, acknowledged the natural synergy and loved the idea and helped nourish our vision of creating an itty-bitty food stand with a mighty vision. Beyond labels – leaving dogma at the door. We named it Bruhe (pronounced brew)  – the german term for broth.  In addition to bone broth we feature other brewed products like kombucha, organic coffee, and specialty elixirs. Of course we still honor tradition by serving up Calgary’s only certified organic ice cream by the scoop! Oh and our baking is gluten free!  A few of our favorite things – to share with our favorite people – our community. 

As the seasons change this year – use nature’s momentum to help focus and direct your path. Don’t worry if people tell you not to - I’m sure glad I didn’t listen and dated my roommate anyway.  

Our clinic now features the best integrative practitioners YYC has to offer - Chiropractic Medicine, Osteopathic Manual Therapy and Naturopathic Medicine. Come and join us at Integra - and experience your best life yet. 


Meet the Team


At Integra, we embrace diversity. Dedicated, enthusiastic and experienced, our practitioners see a wide variety of people, both male and female, ranging in age from newborns to the very wise. Welcome to YYC’s most experienced integrative health team! 


Dr. Arnel Beaubrun, ND

Naturopathic Doctor


Dr. Andrea Beaubrun, ND

Naturopathic Doctor


Dr. Karen Quinn, B.Sc, D.C.


Benoit NOEL .jpg

Benoit Noel – D.OM.P.

Osteopathic Manual Therapist