Move beyond symptoms to treat the cause of your fertility concerns

You’re not alone. An estimated one in six Canadian couples have difficulty conceiving. Our team of naturopathic doctors are able to provide insight and guidance for couples experiencing “unexplained” infertility. We warmly welcome couples undergoing conventional treatments, as naturopathic therapies also improve the success rates of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and intra uterine insemination (IUI).

At Integra, our unique approach will guide you through a series of discussions, exploring and discovering all possible factors that may be affecting your ability to conceive. We often ask questions that have never been asked before. It’s important to remember that reproductive organs operate in unison with other parts of the body. Some of the key discussions will include:

  • Environmental impacts on your health and hormonal system.
  • Nutritional impacts – how fats and certain foods dramatically influence fertility. Learn how critical fat soluble vitamins are to your hormones.

As one of the few Naturopathic Doctors in Canada to receive specialized training in the Justisse™ method of fertility awareness, our clients learn to chart their menstrual cycles, to be used in conjunction with naturopathic therapeutic recommendations.

Our focus ensures that you and your growing family are equipped to handle the demands of preconception, pregnancy and post-natal healthcare.

Acupuncture and Fertility

One of the best ways to harmonize and fine tune your endocrine system is to take advantage of healing techniques such as acupuncture. Typically, acupuncture is performed on both male & female partners, and as a supportive therapy with conventional medical fertility treatments such as IUI and IVF.

  • Acupuncture increases fertility by reducing stress. Under stress, the hormone cortisol disrupts the fine balance of the reproductive cycle.
  • Acupuncture stimulates the hypothalamus (brain) to help balance critical hormones in fertility management. An imbalance in the amounts of estrogen and progesterone may prevent pregnancy.
  • Acupuncture can also increase fertility by increasing blood flow throughout the body to better nourish your reproductive organs.



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