Kids need real food

At Integra, we love kids! They are very welcome in our space. Give your kids a head start in life with regular Naturopathic visits, from day one! Breastfeeding tips, food introduction, immune boosting strategies are just a few of the wonderful discussions we engage with parents everyday!

Autism, ADHD and other learning challenges respond very well to naturopathic therapies. We are advocates of the GAPS diet for these children, and will support you in it`s implementation.

Kids need real food; they need unprocessed, nutrient dense meals to grow into their full potential. Learn how to reduce your reliance on white flours, rancid vegetable oils and refined sugars! Nutrition is critically important to our young. We are here to help you navigate through the treacherous heaps of information. Children are precious- we dedicate a large portion of our practice to them.


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