YES, you can eat grains!

As a GAPS certified clinic, we often prescribe a nutritional plan that removes all grains from a diet for an extended period of time. Removing grains offers an extraordinary opportunity to heal a damaged gut.

But we have great news!

After gut restoration and healing, your diet can absolutely include grains - insert happy dance - IF they are properly prepared. Our ancestors enjoyed grains in their many forms, benefiting from a wide variety of nutrients. 





If you chat with Grandma, she may tell you stories of soaking or souring wheat to make mouthwatering homemade bread. Proper preparation of seeds, nuts, legumes and grains was regular practice back in the day - and these wise traditions helped to break down difficult proteins.  

So enjoy your sourdough - with PLENTY of butter! It's worthwhile to note that most commercially available sourdough breads are baked with yeast, to promote a fast rising product. To reap the rewards of pre-digesting your grains properly, look for sourdough that has not been baked with yeast. Or better yet, try to make it yourself. It's fun and your kitchen will never smell so goooood! Promise to slather your slice with a thick chunk of butter...

Andrea BeaubrunComment