Pastured Bacon - a health food?

Bacon, you have been so misunderstood by so-called nutritional experts. Yes, your commercial counterpart is much to blame for your bad rap - but let's not confuse the two. Pastured bacon - from pigs raised with access to foraging in the sun is a very different food than bacon from pigs raised in confinement, on stored feed largely based on soy and corn. 


Let's chat about some of the advantages of knowing your farmer and choosing to eat pastured bacon:

  1. Monounsaturated fat - that's right! The primary fat in pastured bacon is monounsaturated. Known for being heart healthy and reducing inflammation - it's helpful for lowering blood pressure. 
  2. Vitamin D - Provided the pigs have access to sunshine, bacon fat is a rich source of this fat soluble vitamin. 
  3. Phosphatidylcholine - a powerful anti-oxidant. Traditional cultures revered lard for its stability and this nutrient may be one of the reasons bacon fat is less prone to rancidity. 

Arnel is pictured carving into our pastured bacon, courtesy of our great friends over at Father Sun Farms in B.C. We adore our farmers and honor them, and especially give thanks to the animals,  for nurturing our family with quality, nutrient dense food options.