Dr. Karen Quinn, B.Sc, D.C.


I am a daughter, sister, aunt, friend, chiropractor, fitness enthusiast, health nut, yogi, music junkie, nature-lover, knowledge-addict and aspiring author. I am a gemini with a funny bone, and a big heart.

I am dedicated to helping others tap into their potential by ensuring individuals have optimal nervous system health, body balance and lifestyle support to not only add years to their lives, but more importantly, life to their years. True health to me is about function and cannot be defined by the absence of illness. 

As a Calgary-based Family Wellness Chiropractor and holistic lifestyle educator, I use gentle techniques to facilitate postural correction and sustainable change to help individuals live a life of optimal health and vitality. I meet you where you are at and together we create a plan to move you forward and reach the health goals you have set. I have a commitment (to you and my inquisitive brain) to constantly learn, grow and collaborate.

Working closely with the Naturopaths at Integra, the synergy created by both chiropractic and naturopathic care is unparalleled.  We’ll chat movement as it relates to body function and touch upon the importance of nutrition and body chemistry – truly holistic healthcare. As a native Calgarian, when not at the clinic you can find me exploring our Rocky Mountains or on my yoga mat!