Ode to Bone Broth

by: Andrea Beaubrun

Bone broth - my gateway tonic to food medicine, over a decade ago. No jokes- my first mug literally transformed my naturopathic practice. I make a mean cuppa broth (my painfully honest hubby will agree). The KEY is to keep your drippings from your roasted bird or beef. There are countless recipes online - but I assure you - adding your drippings makes ALL the difference for flavour. Tastebud dancing aside, there are some very legitimate health reasons why bone broth needs to be part of your life:

  • Bone broth contains minerals that are easy to absorb. Ideal for food introduction for babies and for growing kids of all ages!
  • Bone broth is a source of gelatin and rich in the amino acid glycine, which helps to heal gut inflammation and support immunity in a powerful way.
  • Bone broth supports the building of strong cartilage - awesome for athletes!

We're so enamored by the benefits of broth, we opened up Calgary's first bone broth bar - Bruhe!. Stop by for a warm cup of broth, or take home a litre - frozen and ready to add into all your favourite recipes.