The First Seven Year Cycle of Life

by: Andrea Beaubrun


The First Seven Year Cycle of Life: Oneness with Mama shifts to emerging autonomy

This sweet bean turned seven this week - she's our youngest, and this is big news for Mama. The first seven year cycle of life is accompanied by many physical and emotional transitions. The changing of the teeth signifies more that meets the eye. It's a physical marker of a deep, inner shift. At the age of 7, the primary focus of energy shifts from development of the physical body, to the development of the etheric body (our vital energetic blueprint). This is necessary for each child to emerge into their unique self. 

As a parent, it can be tough - it's one of our first challenging phases of "letting go." You feel it. It's a necessary stage of separation - to support the child's expression of true identity. If we allow ourselves to experience it as a positive change, we can embrace new found energy and space for ourselves as mothers and women.