The Heart of Naturopathic Medicine

by: Andrea Beaubrun

We post a lot about nutrition - it's no secret that we are wildly committed to spreading the healing potential of food medicine. But, but - nutrition is NOT the sole determinant of health. We meet people who carry intense shame - they struggle with their health, despite eating clean. It weighs heavy on many hearts and bewilders many a mind.

Nutrition is NOT the sole determinant of health

There may be stones unturned that need to be explored to identify the root cause of your health concern. Be gentle with yourself  and know there is help. In a few cases, it may be surprising that we don't get to a discussion of nutrition on our first visit together - there is pressing work to be done elsewhere. Environmental toxicity, lack of joy and connection as well as structural misalignment are often just as high on the priority list.


If you eat a nutrient dense, real food diet and are still struggling - know that you are doing wonderful work to nourish yourself! Consider finding a practitioner who will take on the role of your very own Sherlock Holmes - someone you trust to wholeheartedly delve into the depths of all areas of your life.  Someone to walk your path with you. This is the heart of naturopathic medicine.