Soaking Nuts & Seeds

by: Andrea Beaubrun

Cooking is ceremonial. Air, fire, water and earth combine to create magical flavours and actions in the body. Today is a rare morning - I'm home - which is uncommon throughout the week AND I'm solo - so I'm taking full advantage of the peace and quite! I'm soaking and prepping some nuts and seeds. 

Raw nuts have notable levels of phytic acid - a naturally occurring anti-nutrient that safeguards a seed until germination. When we eat it, however, phytates may cause gastrointestinal irritation and potential nutritional deficiencies.


There is little information on the reduction of phytates in nuts, but based on practices of traditional cultures and emerging scientific evidence we know that soaking them and then dehydrating at low temperatures will likely eliminate some of the phytates. 

Check out how easy it is!

  1. Measure approximately four cups of raw nuts/seeds.
  2. Cover with filtered water until submerged. 
  3. Add 1-2 Tbsp sea salt.
  4. Cover and keep on counter for 6 hours minimum or overnight. NOTE - do not soak cashews for longer than 6 hrs. 
  5. Rinse, dehydrate or roast on low heat in your oven until crispy. 

The taste is out of the world and your gut will thank you!