Newborn Holistic Care - preventative medicine from day 1

Birth - nature's most miraculous event.  There is no greater time of change for a family. Having your trusted team of practitioners to lean on in the first few weeks can make all the difference. Identifying common newborn health concerns early can prevent and minimize common struggles with lactation, colic, reflux and skin conditions. 


First and foremost, whether your baby passes through the birth canal vaginally, or is welcomed to the world via c-section, they are subject to enormous forces of pressure. It's advised to have your newborn have an osteopathic treatment early on. An osteopathic assessment will identify any areas of friction at the base of the skull - a common location for post-labour tension. Often issues here affect the tongue and gastrointenstinal system - causing irritation and potential problems with suckling and latching at the breast. A baby's diaphragm is often distorted which may upset a young tummy.  The stomach may not be able to retain its contents.  A newborn's nervous system is also highly sensitive, so identifying tension on the bony structures of the skull may be helpful in promoting adrenal health early on. 

Don't hesitate to contact a lactation consultant. Breastfeeding takes time - you don't have to figure it out on your own. A trusted voice and caring hand take immense pressure off Mom. 

The transition from the womb can be dramatic for everyone, including baby.  We're here to help ease the change and welcome your baby as gently as possible. We love growing families at Integra!