Sinusitis and Congestion - relief is on the way

Ask anyone who suffers with sinus congestion and they will tell you they are painful, frustrating and worst of all -  exhausting. Completely and utterly exhausting. Conventional treatment may provide temporary relief, but long term solutions require a multi-modality approach - with your team working tirelessly to discover the root causes of your inflammation.

What do sinuses do anyway? Their function is to moisten the air as it journeys to the lungs.  They also trap pathogens in the mucus produced by your lymphatic system. In healthy conditions, these bacteria and viruses are transported out of the sinuses via swallowing or via the nasal cavity. However, if the membranes lining the sinuses are inflamed, sinusitis occurs. Often, if the passages allowing drainage of the mucus is restricted, chronic infections occur. Typical symptoms include excruciating pain in your forehead and eyes, with pain often extending to the cheeks and teeth. 


The great news is that powerful natural remedies exist to boost immunity and eradicate infection. Ruling out potential food and inhalant allergens is necessary to minimize inflammation.  It's also critical to investigate whether there are structural issues at play. Osteopathic treatment to improve the subtle movement of facial and cranial bones will encourage drainage of the sinuses and prevent the build up of mucus. The intense build up of pressure often lessens immediately following osteopathic treatment.  

If you're ready for some lasting results, we're hear to help!